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  • Testimonials

    “Thank you to all the staff. We have had a wonderful stay in Thailand. Thank you for your excellent service and friendship. We will be returning next year and will definitely be staying here again. Looking forward to seeing you all again” Tina & Steve
  • Testimonials

    “What an experience ! I really enjoy my time at the hospital. The staff were terrific, caring and polite and obliging in all aspects. If I had any criticism, it would be lack of western food. Otherwise, who would complain !!! Unfortunately , my stay weren’t long enough. See you again!” NG , NewZealand
  • Testimonials

    “True professional from the cleaner to the top surgeons. Fast & efficient service on all accounts. I was very happy with everyone I contacted with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service and hospital to anyone who considering surgery in Bangkok Thailand. Thanks to you all for organizing my stay stressed free and relaxing” LA , Australia


Thailand - A Cosmetic Surgery Powerhouse

Long recognized as one of the world's top destinations for excellent and affordable healthcare, Thailand is consistently ranked in the top 25 countries insofar as cosmetic surgeries per capita are concerned, and the country's medical tourism industry has been growing at a rate of 16 percent annually for nearly a decade. Thailand's medical tourism industry receives strong government backing and over 30 of the country's healthcare organizations, including all partners, have accreditation by the U.S.-based Joint Commission International, meaning their standards match those of Amreican hospitals.

With procedures typically costing anywhere between 50-70% what they do in Australia and New Zealand, and patients having the option to combine treatments with a tropical vacation, the country's booming popularity is a small surprise.

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