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breast surgerybreast augmentation“…I’ll be honest, when my friend suggested that I should try going to Bangkok to for boobs job I was a bit hesitant. It was a big decision for me. My friend gave me contact to one of the representative from Solution-beauty. After ton of emails and phone calls, I decided to go to Bangkok for my surgery. My experience with Solution-beauty is far more than I expected. The surgeon listened to my request for what I wanted. The staffs were very helpful throughout the whole time in hospital. I end up having breast implants 325cc and vaser liposuction to tummy. The price was unbeatable so I though why not! The whole surgery cost me 6,300AUD which could cost more than double in Perth. It’s been 2 months after I got back. I love my boobs and flat tummy! My partner loves it too! Thank you so much. I would recommended you to anyone…”

(Total surgery approx.$ 6,300)
Queenie , Australia

solution beauty resultsolution beauty resultSh2“…I am beyond a happy client ! My surgery was breast implants with tummy tuck. I knew that I only want large implants because I have very wide chest and shoulder.

Dr.Ponthep was fantastic. He listened to my need. I ended up having 700cc implants which turn out to be very proportionate to my body!

Along with tummy tuck, my result is just perfect. It was very nice 10 days spent in Bangkok. I would go back again for more liposuction in the future. Thank you!…”

(Total surgery approx. $ 9,000)
Sherry , USA

CL1“…Very polite and very informative about everything I wasn’t unsure about which made me more confident that all will turn out successful.

Hospital staff and nurses were very caring, paying so much attention, checking blood pressure and temperature constantly.

Anything I asked to help with was taking care promptly. Very kind people and would return back in the future for more work!…”

(Breast Augmentation approx. $3,300)
AK , Australia

“…Hi All Okay so those reviews….here goes : I am an American who until recently did not have health insurance, so when my broken finger did not heal with a splint. We make a plan for Thailand. I have contact to many agents. Bangkok 9 was more than I hope for! The hospital is clean, has friendly caring and QUALIFIED staff, full service of health department, hospitality agent to help with translation, accommodation and travel plan. The hotel is very comfortable. Oh and the saving are incredible. My surgery PLUS airfare, accommodations and a three weeks travel budget comes out at HALF of what we would have paid for surgery in the US. I got quote from about 8 hospitals in Thailand. The quote from you guys was by far the best deal. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!…”

Sharon , USA

“…Thank you to all the staff. We have had a wonderful stay. Thank you for your excellent service and friendship. We will be returning next year and will definitely be staying here again. Looking forward to seeing you all again…”

Tina & Steve

“…This is one stop shop ! Transport /Surgery / Accommodations in one package and very affordable. I can’t thank the team enough for the royal treatment we have received. For the moment we arrived, we have been looked after with such wonderful care and professionalism. The buttons they wear ” Never say no ” is so TRUE. Nothing is too hard for them to resolve and they do it with smile! I will definitely be recommending this hospital to everyone as it’s new, clean with such a lovely welcoming atmosphere. Perfect to recuperation / Wifi availability is great to keep in touch with home. From a kiwigal , I thank you all so very much for making my stay so pleasant + Stressed Free…

Arahanui , NewZealand

“…What an experience ! I really enjoy my time at the hospital. The staff were terrific, caring and polite and obliging in all aspects. If I had any criticism, it would be lack of western food. Otherwise, who would complain !!! Unfortunately , my stay weren’t long enough. See you again!…

NG , NewZealand

“…True professional from the cleaner to the top surgeons. Fast & efficient service on all accounts. I was very happy with everyone I contacted with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their service and hospital to anyone who considering surgery in Bangkok. Thanks to you all for organizing my stay stressed free and relaxing…”

LA , Australia

“…I am impressed by the services of Solution Beauty for organising my trip to Thailand for plastic surgery and a vacation to the capital city of Bangkok. I am quite satisfied with my natural looks, but there are some imperfections I wanted to improve on. My nose was rather big for my face and my friends usually mocked at me because of my nose.

Before I came across Solution Beauty, I was reading up on plastic surgery online and in forums. There were lots of information in forums and hundreds of pagers to read through, I spent plenty of time on the internet searching until I found Solution Beauty. They offered me online consultations via email and the response was very prompt.

I arrived at the airport in Bangkok at about 7am in the morning. The next day I headed straight to the hospital. I was amazed at the looks of the hospital and consultation. The interior was so posh and clean, the staff were very hospitable and served me fruits and drinks. Shortly, I was asked to fill in my particulars. Few minutes later, I met with the consultant which I was communicating with before the trip. There was no language barrier as they spoke English perfectly well.

I told surgeon my main concern was my bulbous nose. After examining my face, he suggested: Nose Reshaping and eyelid lift. After consultation, I was brought to get pre-operation exam. I got to change to the operation clothes and rest in the recovery room while waiting for the doctor. About 20 minutes later, I was ushered to the operating room which was spacious and bright. There were some nursed fussing over me, tidying up my hair, preparing me for surgery together with the doctor. Soon after a few minutes, I fell asleep.

I woke up about 20- 30 mins before the surgery ended. I was prepared to wake up mid surgery because that was what I was told. I know that the doctor operating on my eyes but I didn’t feel anything because I was numbed. It was so weird, I could feel him stitching my eyes. He asked me to open and close my eyes many times throughout this surgery so that he could measure properly.

After this, I was asked to sit up, the nurses helped me up and led me to the recovery room. I was given an ice pack to put over my eyes and I slept for about 2 hours. I spent 1 night over in the hospital which is all included in the package. I stayed total 7 days in the accommodation right next to the hospital.

I love the result I got. The whole experience was incredibly impressive and I would recommend their services to anyone seeking for safe plastic surgery in Bangkok. Thank you!…”

(Nose Reshaping/ UpperEyelid Lift approx. $4,300)
Alice , Australia


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