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Privacy policy, Disclaimer & Warranty

Privacy policy

Solution Beauty considers all information provided by our clients to be personal and confidential. Any information provided will be shared only with our partner hospitals, surgeons, travel agents and others directly associated with the process of providing our clients with the services requested and high quality care.


Solution Beauty is an agent for medical facilities in Thailand, who provide medical services for foreigners. Any agreements for medical services will be directly between the client and medical professionals. All payments for medical services will be made by the client directly to the medical facility providing the services. Solution Beauty is not a medical service provider nor do we provide medical advice of any kind. All such services and consultation will be provided by the medical professionals of the facility providing said services. Solution Beauty bears no responsibility for any agreements made between the client and any third party, nor do we guarantee any of the services provided.

Prior to undergoing any medical procedure the client will be evaluated by the surgeon. The decision as to whether or not the client is a suitable candidate for the desired procedure is entirely up to the surgeon. Solution Beauty plays no role in the evaluation process and makes no claims as to the likely outcome of the evaluation.
There are risks involved with all medical treatment. The client is responsible for evaluating all risks and benefits prior to traveling abroad.


In a small percentage of cases, revision surgery may be required for medical or aesthetic reasons. Solution Beauty represents only those medical facilities where a written guarantee is offered or the revision surgery is included as a matter of the facility’s policy. Typically, if the requirement for the revision can be attributed to the medical facility or surgeon, the surgery is offered at no cost. Revision surgery for breast augmentation will generally be offered at no cost if the implants are not replaced. Each revision surgery is assessed on a case­by­case and in some instances additional cost may apply.

Under Conditions

  • Warranty is valid for those who booked appointment through Solution­beauty and had the surgery done at our partner hospital.
  • Medical Form and all conditions were declared completely and truthfully.
  • Any condition that may affect your surgical procedures must be informed before booking.
  • The complication must be informed immediately with full details of complication along with evidence such as photos, medical reports or statements.
  • Corrective procedures can be requested after 6 months as of normal recovery time.
  • All procedures must be finalized within 1 year after the surgery date.
  • Patients must follow post-­operative advised by surgeons, including minimum stay in Thailand, medication advice, restricted activities and follow up care.
  • Compression Garments must be worn correctly at the recommended time period.
  • Not applicable for non-­surgical procedures.
  • Not applicable to risk associated with surgery which are not a result of surgery error, including but not limited to: capsular contracture and skin rippling (in the case of breast augmentation), numbness/changes in sensation, asymmetry, dents or lumpiness results from Liposuction
  • Not applicable to changes associated with weight gain/loss or pregnancy since the surgery

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