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A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure used to improve visual signs of aging, by reducing or eliminating facial wrinkles. Facelift surgery is the only comprehensive way to correct multiple signs of aging with long lasting result. The facelift procedure you require is dependent on the condition of your face and the area you want to improve.  A full face lift is designed to address all areas of the face, jaw line and forehead.  A mid-facelift attends to the cheeks and wrinkles around the mouth, while a temporal lift reduces wrinkles on the forehead and improves the condition known as crow’s feet. Finally, the lower face lift concentrates on removal of wrinkles along the jaw line and provides some relief of sagging skin under the chin. Facelifts do not correct sagging brows, drooping eyelids, double-chin or hanging neck skin.  Some deep wrinkles will not disappear completely and may require filler or Botox injections.  It is often recommended that one or more other procedures, such as: neck lift, brow lift, eyelift and liposuction, are performed in conjunction with facelifts.

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Facelift packages

  • Full-Facelift THB 215,000 / Approximately USD 7,160
  • Mid-Facelift THB 109,000 / Approximately USD 3,600
  • Lower-Facelift THB 69,000 / Approximately USD 2,300
  • Temporal-Facelift THB 69,000 / Approximately USD 2,300

What’s Included

  • Initial consultation and evaluations
  • Surgeon fees / Hospital fees
  • Pre-operative exam
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital stay
  • Prescription medication
  • Transfers to and from airport and to and from hospital as needed.

Good Candidate for Facelift

  • You are healthy and at least 18 years old.
  • You have facial wrinkles caused by aging, stress or environmental conditions.
  • You are self-conscience about facial wrinkles.


A facelift takes 3 hours or more, dependent on complexity of the procedure, and is performed while you are is under general anesthesia.  The surgery requires one of several types of incisions to the face.  The surgeon will explain incision options available and will decide, with the patient, which option is most suitable. Once under general anesthesia, the surgeon makes the incision, stretches and removes excess skin, then stitches the remaining skin together. The change in appearance is immediately noticeable after surgery and will improve more as the swelling subsides and the face heals.  Our surgeons are experts in incising and then stitching the wound so it is least visible. Usually, any scars are easily hidden in natural creases or the hairline.

Recovery Time in Thailand

After surgery the surgeon applies dressings to provide support during the initial healing process and you are moved to a hospital recovery room for 1 or 2 nights, dependent on the procedure performed.  During the hospital stay you are monitored by hospital nursing staff and given instruction for continued post-hospital care until the body has completely healed. Discomfort is to be expected during recovery.  Medications for pain and infection prevention will be prescribed by the surgeon and administered by the hospital staff.  The surgeon will provide additional prescriptions and instruction for post-hospital medications before you leave the hospital. After 7 days you will have a final check-up by the surgeon and will be ready to return home, or to continue your holiday in Thailand. Within two weeks normal activities can be resumed, however, heavy physical activities and exercise should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks.


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