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Why should you
have plastic surgery in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for medical tourism. Over a million foreigners travel to Thailand each year to get medical and surgical procedures done. The number is to continue to grow approximately 16 % annually.

Healthcare in Thailand is largely driven by private hospitals. Thailand healthcare has many advantages over its Asian neighbours when it comes to medical tourism. Interestingly, Thailand has the largest private hospital in South East Asia and also the first hospital in Asia to get a JCI accreditation and ISO 9001 certification.

The advantages of having your surgery abroad are:

1) Affordable for higher quality

Lots of people assume that when something is cheaper then it must be because of lower quality. However, the situation is the opposite in Thailand. Board certified Thai surgeon have studied/practiced abroad like US or Western Europe under various Thai government program that require them to return home and serve the public at least 8-12 years. With this international experience they speak fluently English and are able to offer the latest and safest medical procedures.

Many hospitals in Thailand are highly accredited. A hospital’s accreditation is the best way to estimate its quality at first glance. The Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation is highly respected for accrediting hospitals outside the United States; international hospitals with JCI accreditation can ensure highest medical standards abroad.

Importantly, the package cost to have procedure in Thailand is usually include the night stay in hospital/hotel , visit to the hospital, personal assistant, medication. In comparison, cost of surgery in Western country will only cover for the procedure.

Having treatment in Thailand is effectively allows a middle-class patient to receive upper-class treatment at affordable price.  Quality goes up, not down.

2) Privacy

A lot of people choose to have procedure abroad because they do not want anyone to know about it. By coming to Thailand, you can tell everyone that you are on the vacation while you have procedure and recover from it. Having surgery abroad is the great way to be discrete and something that a lot of celebrity always do.

3) Reduce waiting time

You will experience no waiting time in high international standard hospital by traveling to Thailand . While in your country , you may expect to wait 3-6 months to have the surgery done with well-known large national firm.  So, if you don’t want to wait any longer for the change, then traveling to Thailand will be the best option to get superb result.  Solution-beauty can arrange your appointment pretty much instantly , usually within days or weeks of your desire date.  This will help to make the surgery fit into your busy schedule or limited time a whole lot easier.  The waiting list is shorter at our international hospital / facility because we are largely focus on a medical tourism abroad, as most local people are unable to afford plastic surgery in western international hospital.

4) Alternative Treatment & Bundling Service

Traveling to Thailand will give you more opportunity to have variety of treatment done in one stop. Not only the surgery that you are aim to have it done but also alternative treatment like dental care, skin correction, cosmetic tattoo, etc. Apart of this, Thailand offer treatment to relax you during the recovery time like Thai massages, Thai foot massages, aromatherapy massages, and Thai therapeutic massages. Many of these therapies are exclusively found only in Thailand. Thailand is also famous for its hospitable treatment of visitors. The people are a friendly lot and hospitable service to guests is engrained in the culture. You will be surprised to see how far the Thais will go to make our guests comfortable.

5) Tourist destinations where you can relax and recuperate

Many people choose to combine their treatment with the vacation. This trend has been steadily growing over the past 10 years as of the cheaper cost of airplane ticket and increasing cost of medical care in western country.  Thailand offers diverse attractions, great tourism infrastructure, delicious Thai food and friendly people. The country has many tourist places and is one of the top draws for tourists from all over the world. Thailand is a beautiful country and the tourist places contrast from hill resorts and sun kissed beaches to exotic islands. Thailand is an aviation hub; all major international airlines run flights into Bangkok and elsewhere daily. You can choose from many first class hotels where accommodation and food boasts international standards.


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